Monday, May 26, 2008

Camp at Sg. Congkak..

date: 26 May 08
time: 0134 hour

it it early in the morning and i am awake... juz back from camp at sg. Congkak... 24-26 may, but i come back on the 25th due to college reopen at the very few hours to go..

this is the very first time i drove car to a campsite..which is far away from city.. i dun even know the road... selamba je me and my lil bro, edmund pack some clothes and drove my grandpa wira out.. it was enjoying..

wat to say about this camp... yea.. it was ogranised by SAB for their badge camp, helped out by district? or well i not so sure.. but district were there..

on the first day, rovers were helping out in testing the flying was very
'wth' feeling... cool height, great speed.... first we tested with tyre... and if the tyre is a living things, i dun think that the momentum bang on the tiang will show and remaining of its life..hehe..

on that night, i slept on the sidewalk of the road... i din bring anything, just 1 pcs of shirt..that's all, as i din expect to overnight.. it was a cool night, finally me and my lil bro jog to the car park and sleep in the car^^ luckily

on the second day, i helped out in the abseiling tower...i was standing up there, securing the going-to-be-abseiler ... after a few people, i was given chance to prepare the 'abseiler' for their adventerous experience....tacking them to the rope with figure-of-8..

it rains!!!!! too bad and i din even try any of it...wasted man..i'll be back there..

finally we came back..and guess wat, me and my lil bro bring back 4 balak as souvenirs....for our campfire... we put it at school and i went for a car wash... my car was like return from x-trail + mountain climbing with the passenger sit all get dirt..

well..i spend lil time writting this..really tired..hope next time i have some picture to show..^^ good night

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1st P&P booths for TT Night..

Date : 21 May 08
Time : 0545 hours
mood : surprisingly awake

such a tired day yesterday.. joined tt night event, now working on it.. yesterday was our first p&p booth... alot of new faces, freshmen were there.. and we there to distribute flyers and promote them joining our event.. hehe. happy..

a feeling of satisfaction^^

sign out
p/s- the design was from the editorial dept. tnx for nice design^^

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lyric for Ai Yu Xi Wang by Lin Jun Jie

this is the lyric song mentioned in the previous post, dedicated to the victim of earthquake 512, by Lin Jun Jie.

林俊杰 - 爱与希望



当爱与希望 投射炙热的太阳
昨日泪光 会随时间都蒸发
别轻易放弃 明天要许更多愿望
装满了勇气 就更有力量

当爱与希望 倒映暖暖的月亮
再回头望 又是筑好的家乡
我打开了窗 看见了晴朗


Lin Jun Jie - Ai Yu Xi Wang

da di bei yao huang zhe
tian kong tu ran hei le
wo de xin ye bei zhen sui le
xia yi miao wa jie le
lei dui ji cheng le he

dan ming tian shi hao de
wo men yao jian ding zhe
ai rang wo men bu fang qi huo zhe
hai yao ji xu he da zi ran ba he

dang ai yu xi wang tou she zhi re de tai yang
zuo ri lei guang hui sui shi jian dou zheng fa
bie qing yi fang qi ming tian yao xu geng duo yuan wang
zhuang man le yong qi jiu geng you li liang

dang ai yu xi wang dao ying nuan nuan de yue liang
zai hui tou wang you shi zhu hao de jia xiang
wo zhi dao wei lai hai you hao duo lu yao chuang
wo da kai le chuang kan jian le qing lang


JJ Lin - Love & Hope

The earth shook
The sky suddenly darkened
My heart was shaken to pieces
A moment's devastation
tears accumulating into a river

But tomorrow will be better
We must stay strong
Love~ Allows us to not give up to continue living
Continue on battling with Mother Nature

When love and hope, projects the warmth of the sun
Yesterday's tears will evaporate over the passing of time
Don't give up easily, Tomorrow make many more wishes
Filled with greater courage so stronger than before

When love and hope reflects back the warmth of the moonlight
Next time around, it will once again be a nicely built homeland
I know that the future ahead lies many obstacles to overcome
I've opened a window, seeing it clearly (sunny and cloudless)

very meaningful..thanks lin jun jie.

p/s - thanks to whoever who produce this lyric.. i cant find the source thou.. thanks very much.

Tribute to Sichuan Earthquake Victim

Alot of things has happened lately... was it a sign of something? or it's just a coincidence..

and then i wondering..

tribute to sichuan earthquake victim...

i really hope to be a part of the rescue team, lending every hand and energy i had to help out to the victim of earthquake... looking at their spirit and hardwork, it make me feel so touched.. im touched, truely.

above all...all tend to say chinese has a nation where all is unify under a nation, and their government treat their citizen interdependant..i totally agree..

compare to malaysia, i have nothing more to say other than selfish, from wat i can see. own benefit above all..maybe im too young and 'katak bawah tempurung', dunno wat our government is doing best for us, but in my ways of looking things, they are making our life worst...

dedicated song below from Lin Jun Jie - Ai Yu Xi Wang [爱与希望] tears dropped. it touched my heart.

im sad for the victim..

hope they are being handled well..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Unforgetable Redang Trip...

Date : 17 May 08
Time : 5.30 Pm
Mood : dunno..haha

well ..guess wat.. i just back from Redang, Terengganu man... and i bet the experience i receive is much more than you all..?? The trip is from 12-15 May 08..

the very first thing happen in this trip is..... good..we miss the bus.. it's ok... our fault late for maximum of 10 mins, but we have more than 10 friends inside the bus informing, the bus driver still dun care.. NVM!

then he ask us go chase well..we's ok..taki we use.. 2 taxi.. guess's like playing chase chase man....the bus dun 1 stop..and we keep on persuing the bus, it's like cops VS theif.....

reaching to the tol, our taxi give's ok.... well...the bus showing some stopping sign.. so we guess, " the bus stop, we catch it"

bloddy hell..when we running towards it...the bus ran off... bullshit man... and finally we stuck in the highway...where only cars flying fast, and we 7 ppl wait there ... gave up and called her parents to fetch home..hehe.. but for the other 6..this is the beginning for our adventerous experience..

we tried to stop busses, cars, trucks ... to tumpang us.... end up a very good helper..

ta da! taxi the money sucker. thre goes our money ...

yea..i use goddamn big really hurt man! 240 for 2 taxi...but wat to do...we are in middle of highway...

so we took taxi to Bentong, nearest town and stop by a 24 hours KFC... there goes our night

finally reached a place to stop..

my bed hehe...

sigh...i should be sleeping nice and easy in side bus..

so this is our 1st night....


as early as 6, we wake up and prepare ourself.... we heading to bus station...where we will consider where to move on...

finally we had a bus, Union from Bentong to Termeloh, which there have higher chance have bus to kuala terengganu..

ok.....we sit for more than 2 hours bus to Termeloh...and bought a ticket to Kuala Terengganu at 10am... finally back to our spot... we feel relieved..
gosh... this Journey takes ages man...4pm only reach Kuala terengganu... my butt get red man..get a hell of an ass pain..

this is the famous bus.

finally..we raeched! glory glory us!

mou boat to redang, so we spend a night at Kuala Terengganu... so this is the inn we spend a night...

kean hoong..the macho.

quinnie, the so po? haha..jkjk

what a cute doraemon....this keep me from cold, providing me warmth...thanks!

i din take the pic of the whole...but you try to imagine le..damn cheap.. RM10 bucks per night.

we also had some walk around KT, the chinatown..

then about 8 smth, my NS friend, Chun Liang come fetch us go eat...then back rest...
we'll call it a day...a tired day.


Good morning...7 am wake up...prepare and we now energetic..heading towards Merang, our jetty there...

this journey took us 1 hour...hehe...finally..

the jetty... hehe... we back on track!

the bros of adventerous..

we take the speedboat to redang!!! redang!! here i come man my friend...ROB, from Australia....hehe... we talked to each other there..and had fun chat..^^

we reached redang! well...tired but finally..^^

here are some pics taken..

pretend yeng only la..haih.

they are discussing how to freejump from here.

nice view of redang beach..

sleeping replacement of sleeping beauty.. sigh!

the camwhore us...zzz

reunion with our trip members...



they kissed! really kissed! really? well

the serious us..

the cute us..

this is the end of redang...we return to KT...

back in KT, we visited their Muzium Terengganu...very BIG alot bigger than KL

our ticket.

damn big..gosh..kl wont have this

Then, we proceed to a place... err.. Taman Tamadun Islam.

all the above is world class mosque.. very nice..

our trip...ended with a dinner in a seafood restaurant...hehe.. the feeling there remind me back to my hometown..where villagers are like friends, very close and alot of activity together...

on that day..they are celebrating Mother's Day

This is end of our trip...

sign off. and im tired of typing
finished at 730pm.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Fantastic movie..

date : 10-05-08
time : 0017
mood : unexpectedly happy..hehe

juz reach home...and i watched the "Iron Man".... it was a fabulous movie that you worth you to watch for the 2nd time...

1- the graphic was cool
( well...althou few part it was animated, it was so damn amazing, expecially when he's wearing the suit.:p)

2- not-bad aka interesting storyline
( well, basically i was reading some comment, and i just came across this.. storyline is about Stark, weapon manufacturer for his nation, weapon reached to others nation side, he build this suit and try to distroy them..end up become hero for saving the day)

(another side is mentionning about same, he manufacture weapon, weapon being misused, try to destroy it... end up become hero of the day)

it depends on your judgement guysz^^

interesting movie worth to watch...below is a few of it's short clip.

yea..sometimes you will imagine...if you can be like the Iron Man, flying? think it's impossible? think twice for future.

watch this.

have a fun night dreaming of flying^^

signing off.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Jam-packed train...

In malaysia, during peak hours i bet everyone will always complain of so many people and jam-packed the train. But watch this before you complain.... malaysia's obviously better.

feeling grateful? this somewhere in....... well..i not sure..^^ but have fun watching it hehe.

comparing their train attendant with malaysia, they have alot more work to do... eg. making sandwish, and somehow molesting? inagining a girl at the door and they are 'forced' to do their job... that's the negative part.

malaysia boleh~

Thursday, May 08, 2008

countering my insomnia--

date : 08-05-08
time : 0350 hours
mood : dilly dally here and there

finally...i slept! for few ermm about 11 till 3 smth? a success yea..

it just feel so damn nice...gosh..

hehe but eventually i wake up... something bothering me..and i hardly can tell wat is that.. it just there..

hopefully everything goes well... and i miss someone.^^

sign out.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

07/05/08, a normal day.

Date : 07 May 08
Time : 1043 hours
Mood : ?? i dun know.!

aww...this is the 2nd day i have problem sleeping...wat is this ? scientific it's called insomnia, which means a situation where you have difficulties in falling a sleep.. it lasted for 2 days..and i feel terrible about it. im so tired, exhausted, and i am a pig( i used to sleep alot), and i will never encounter this type of problem, yet it hits me. sigh. wondering y.

so i cant sleep.. and i have nothing to do.... SO? i played poker..guess wat, i reached PRO 100k, using my bro's acc, but my own acc left 3 hunderd plus oni...disappointed..

yea 4get to inform, my bro flew to London on work basis. his company sent him there for 1 months, high allowance nice.. haha.. i cahtted with him yesterday night, and he wanted to buy me a jersey. yay!

actually i juz come back from servicing my wira, and help him take a bath... and my dad help me with the myvi.. thanks for that. now it looks nice d, without the dust, the bird shit and stuff. gosh. i realised that im damn lazy man.

yaya... also, juz now during servicing, the uncle and his kaki talked about the malaysia's live on the parliamentary debate. even them, which i would less expect from them to have attention on that, they are commenting it... well, Malaysia's changing.

good luck my country..