Thursday, June 26, 2008


erm.. my mum now in operation.having som sort of uterus infection.
hope she's doing well.

god bless.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will we do this?

Date: June 25
Mood: fairly dirty.. i haven taken my bath..
Time: 8.48am

i just cross some pictures in the net and i start wondering... will malaysian do this?

naked painted soccer.

Look :

all of them are hawt chicks..

how sexy they are..


look at all of the spectators...all are guys!

they are just wearing t-bag and play the game...topless

question to ponder....
girl - will your dare to do this? if yes? will your BF let you do this?
boy - i will go to see? hehe..yes but will i be allowed? haha..

above all!!!!

will our government allow this to happen? all kena tangkap berpakaian tidak senonoh..but wat can we say....' bang, kita tidak berpakaian la..!!"

then..all law which you know-what-out... bla bla bla.... that's how it goes..

luckily above matter is not our culture..and im glad to be malaysian? for it's culture..not it's administration.

thanks to curiousfunnyphoto you all can have a look on those incredible things!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cochrane Campfire

Date : 18 June 08
Time : 5.57 am
Mood : sleepy yet awaken

ENDED CAMPFIRE!!!!!!! this is the first thing i wanna shout.. we did it.. Cochrane Did IT AND WE CAME BACK!!!

glad that all this is just a dream ..but it became reality..and it ended successfully. below are clip from the campfire...

Opening Ceremony for the campfire

During the night 1st performance by Jrs Scout

i'll go grab more pics here..

just stay tuned.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


The petrol price hike has caused a serious tension to all Malaysian i believe. Previously i've chatted with some drivers about this matter and this came to a conclusion that the government has come out with a plan that is benefiting themself as 'the government' without considering the impact toward its 'rakyat'.. to say that this is unavoidable to announce in a shock manner

From the previous 'tsunami' from the increasing of rice price that has strike us, it has put us in a situation where we have to control our food..

Rice $$ up..
Flour $$ up..
petrol $$ up..
this $$ up...that $$ up.... and the most crucial thing is that did our salary being increased ? how can we accomodate with the price hike happened in every price increasing drastically?

this salary thing has nothing to bother me...cause im still depending on my parent's pocket money..but to think of the burden they need to bear with... i can somehow feel the weight..

have point there...

regarding on subsidy given to commercial vehicles...please take note that there's a limit of fuel subsidized..and is that fuel being subsidize enough through out the month? im not sure but please make sure this 1st before you pressing those commeicial vehicles not to increase price... YES! they cant increase price merely because of petrol hike...but what about other increases ? in food? in spare parts? in maintenance? did you think in their shoes? how could their price be maintained?

petik dari
The steep hike in petrol prices is a reflection of the huge amount of subsidies spent by the government. "The people have been living too long in a comfort zone and the price hike teaches us to appreciate what the government has done for the people and not to become wasteful"

too long in confort zone..and the price hike teaches us to appreciate what government has done? this somehow give me a feeling that he's blaming us on the general election happened that gave him a big shock? why we not appreciate? is there a reason we not appreciate? think it over first on wat causes us to do so... corruption. spending money to tumpang naik space...c'mon. wat kind of crappy thing is thsi... better still dispose all the corrupted people and hire person that can work.. and spend our money wise before starting to critise on how we appreciate the government.

now even TNB going to increase price....alah... price all increases...did the government expect us not to increase price and makan sendiri the extra costs? who should cover?

i dont have a best solution to this problem..but can you adult think of something that is good for all parties? " we cannot satisfy and cater to all needs" but not you are not satisfying the majority! and their needs you din even lend a hand...

the poor get poorer...and the rich also getting poorer... this is the way of closing the gap between poor and rich..this is wat will be! who get rich? tahu tahu la..