Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Date : 30 April 08
Time : 0614 hours
Weather : energetic morning..

just finish playing poker, and i screw up.. all gone..^^ that bugger Joe get 3k, beaten my 3J..gosh.. feeling....... relieved..finally i lost all and i can stop playing.. (eww, i cant believe i said that)

today, my issue is about

monkey...yea..monkey... and im mentioning ppl behave like monkey,
so uneducated, low class and barbarian-like-action-but-they-NOT-care..

have you been to KFC at Pudu, it changed alot since the last time i visited it..

last time it was so nice eating there ... hear no barbarian, see no monkey,

but when THEY come,

aww, the whole situation gone wild.. like war happened out of nowhere.

THEY talking and laughing so damn loud like their father-open fast food, damn.

or i used a not-big-enough speaker?

playing with water... as if they are on the goddamn nice redang beach,

you blow me, i blow you ..gosh..

and show off their speaker phone,

treating all others there deaf, WTH man..

how UNMALAYSIAN they are...

malaysian cant be able to move on to be on the same height with others, due to the godd**n horibble-shitty-sux attiude that a few 'virus'... being critized by foreigners, which once i heard. damn! i hate that man.

good luck Malaysia.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Mother Day Celebration 2008

Date: 27th April 08
Time: 04.45am
Weather: cozy cold
ME: abit drunk+ itchy.gosh
Event : Mother Day Celebration 2008

today it was totally a cool day.. yea.. yea you are rite.. my family's mother day celebration.. always i felt very warm and having a close bond among my family members, because we do things together..and that's how the bond being created, and worked it out by all...

small family consisting of 6 ppl...


My Family.

2nd Aunt

2nd uncle

1st Aunt

3rd Aunt

3rd uncle

so total for this amount of family members ( 41 ppl) made this a momentous day.. this is a full family members reunion! btw, you all know who's the couple sitting in all the pic? if you dunno then well.....i kick your ass le.. haha they are my grandparents..

do you just think eat eat talk talk and san ban(end)? no no... there are more..

during the event, mothers participated in a lucky draw..^^

see my mum's 'eh what are they doing?'

this prize is not's not expensive.. and it's good for all of us... including twisties, coffeemix, canned pineapple, and kacang..haha

also also...there are fashion show performances

you see my bro..omg..haha my daddy and mummy.

hehe... very sporting auntie.

while, us the young 1..... karaoke competition...?? or just syok sendiri la..pandai2 we make ourself enjoy....-_-

mum and son fighting over the mic...

last but not least, the clown performances by Jason..:p

a fun day...and many more to come...


Friday, April 25, 2008

Return of

Date: 25th April 08
Time: 11.45am
Weather: Sunny Morning
ME: i felt better than this before

well..this is a damn meaningful day in this blog.. i decided to write back this blog, make it active and keep in touch with friends.

before this, i was reading Bryan's blog..meaningful.
take a look there ( )

and yea i really agree with him.. all the happy and sad days has passed. and it will remain in our memories.