Sunday, November 26, 2006

a hectic 3 birthday in a week..

ok..this week will really carve a great memory in my life.. 3 party in a row...and that's bravo i can say...

andrew, which i know this guy from national service...

Jun Seng, which is my secondary schoolmate....

Loong Fatt....he follow me from Kindergarten, then reunion at Secondary and now same at TarC

so...i hav nothing to say ... you all see the pic..and you tell me how's it...

all frm ns, which we didn see each other for very long time...few months? this is not just oni ...but didn really take much picture...

all gaymate...

a big family...

nah...this is for you all to la..kidding...

btw..nx week, im having 2 presentation, 1 test and 1 Ulasan dateline...sigh...wish me luck...

again..happy birthday all of u..

p/s - credit to mun ji ( ) for taking all the nice and pretty pic..she gone thru a hectic moment to upload all the pic ....more pic in her album...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Blood donation ^_^

this consider my 2nd time to do this and i never expect to do it oso for the first time oso..but well, i finally did it and im proud of it..

well, at 23/11/06, which is yesterday ler, i went for blood donation... it feels good.. haha..Me, Ah Boon and Kean Hoong decided to go 2gether to 'save life', and to do wat a citizen of Malaysian will do ...not for u, not for me, but for those who needed it...

step to donate blood

1) you'll need to stand on the weight machine 1st, below 45kg is disqualified..then proceed to the form there, you'll need to fill lots of details and please be truth...

2) examining counter - at here, they'll check your blood type, fyi, im O( the ultimate donater...(^_^)...during here, it'll poke your hand wif somethin needle(professional) and extract your abit pain, but can consider like mosquito's bite oso ler...

3) nx counter is also examining, but to check the heartbeat, blood pressure and anythin...nothing interesting here..

4) next here will be registering counter, we'll register ourself as a Donor, in the Pusat Darah Malaysia, which eligible us to donate blood every 3 months..

5) this counter will be where you see the thing you scared most, u'll be supplied wif pack of empty blood container, u'll see needles and watever...

6)'s the place where you come for, u'll be arranged in watever seats and juz calm yourself, juz takes 15-20 mins to save a life...

haha...there's a small problem occurs during the blood donation, kean hoong, which sit beside me, owns a very kedekut body..haha...his blood is not leaking out, but is dropping out 1 by 1, and make us all laugh again...

me and kean hoong, both kena cucuk liao..^_^

nice boon wif this posing..hehe

p/s - how about nx time we all class go? haha..sure will be very nice then...see ya for the nx time..^_^

to those who didn ever donate blood, i encourage you ^_^

Sunday, November 19, 2006

retrospect on malacca trip

i went to malacca during the school break. wif a GEN2 and 5 passengers, and the journey begins. started at KL and reached the tol of malacca.. it takes around 2++ hours to the place.


and first, we landed on the bee farm,

inside of this place, there comes alot of a story about bees,their hives, their species and types of honey produced. some are bigs, some are small, some you dont even know it's bees and some are deadful.

yea..above is the bee where they live? i think

and to anyone who dont know wat is a bee, yea..this is..if u ever encounter them, run for your life..

but as per told, bee wont attack ppl unless it gets annoyed. so don ever annoyed me or i'll be like a bee and you'll be dead..nah.
there are also free honey to test, and trust me you'll like it.. 1 tong besar of honey and u take as many as u can, : do not waste, that's the rule..

ok..coming up is the 'zoo?' i dont even remember the name.. there is alot of crocodile inside, this makes me think of steve irwin..if only he's there to perform? well..guess not.

but sad thing is all crocodile were lazy...they all sleeping and we juz watchin..nothing interesting. so if nx time we are going to visit crocodile, make sure it's the feeding time..when they are actively struggling ...

ok here..i got 1 secret to share.. i did actually err.. throw 'small stone' to the crocodile since it didn respon to me..i mean just a small 1 la...not those like bricks..and it didn move a single inch.. it's skin as hard as rock..and my stone eventually bounce off like hitting a guess i didn hurt it eh..

as u know, guys are 'caring' and 'gentleman'... but then dunno y, this pic taken

inside the zoo oso..there was a cute horse..and eventually i like i take a pic of it..

"am i cute"?...................................................ask the horse..

ok after that, we proceed to a "kubu" aka 'defence base' i think in BM... yea..and we need to climb a mountain to reach..

1st, we are energetic waiting to climb....

then we are tired,

and we break for a photograph session? haha...

but when reach the top, juz a few cannon left, sigh..since we walked so far, we wont make it return empty handed so we take lots of pic here..

btw..i met 2 general there...they are planning for boming dunno where..

and did all of u see my brother before? haha..

ok..we will not consider been to malacca unless we went to the a'famosa ... we need to walk all da way up to the top!! aza aza gogogo!

well...things goes bad a while later..storm attacking and we need to be back to the car asap..

nx destination is a malacca trademark, a place fav for foodaholic there.. TAN KIM HOCK..know y, u can eat inside, and it's free? i mean for the test food haha..

it's famous of many stuff...well u go u know..

then, we proceed to wat we called as jongket's just like petaling street of malacca, things are cheap here..we take a break at some restaurant nearby for abc and watever..

and there goes a day...we going back and i overnight at my cousin's house... reaching house at 12++, we settle down and play uno, cards and jenga till late night around 4am..then we call it a day

p/s - actually this trip is for my cousin and her bf, but since my aunt go as a lamplight?^_^, i go oso lor..haha...
p/s - credit goes to revinnier ( my cousin ) for taking so many pic haha...visit her blog oso at

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

bryan's birthday...

bryan is a damn siao kia...he likes to jokes...
oli is a damn gila kia...he likes to jokes...

but when bryan and oli is 2gether...jokes become dirty, everythin turn extreme..haha.. on 13/11, the siao kia birthday...once he entered class, his name appeared on the blackboard...then when class starts, my english teacher, Ms Patricia sing a birthday song..haha..that makes bryan look so paiseh..

k..then after lecture , we go celebrate at jusco wangsamaju....secret recipi wei..not play2..

ya...this is that guy.

and this is our family

ok...this is the end of the birthday..and again..bryan...happy birthdday^_^

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

wat quality of a boy/girlfriend you would like to hav?

have you ever talk about wat kind of boy/girlfriend u would like to hav? im sure you does..
hav you ever talk in the public about any topic? im sure you had..

hav you ever talk about wat kind of boy/girlfriend you would like to have in public? this is abit of wierd rite? yea yea..i think so too...

yesterday, Ms Pat introduce us to spontaneous public speaking during the BI tutorial...and the topic given is "Wat quality you would like to have in a boy/girlfriend"..( if talking to 1-1 or among friends, i can crap or juz boast watever)

im so 'lucky' to be the 2nd speaker..haha..and lillian get to be the 1st speaker..she's funny in front^_^..but i shared quite brief in there...due to my curosity, i try to ask myself

a good girlfriend for me,

take good care of me when im sick ( i kinda always sick...)

know how to communicate well wif me (n others of cos, but priority is me ler..)

got own personality, own attitude, own copyright ..means must hav special personality that i cant feel from others..

active in everything...(sports, social life, daily activity)
p/s - in class, i told the class y i like gals in sports - because they will surely hav a great body( rite boys?)

know how i feel, and can make me feel that she care for me, and not juz wanted to tie me die down..(i cannot tahan suffocate)

look is normal enuf ( i afraid competition( i told this in class...OMG))

"look normal enuf but not TOO ugly"(quote from li ping, classmate who do the speaking oso...and here comes all the class laugh all the way..)

humerous, know how to make situation good when everythin's silence, know how to cheer me up when im down..

p/s - all i meant now is juz the way, the attitude of her, cos all u see is how she treated me..

well, this early morning and im crappin here...gtg wei cos later got early class.. c ya

Sunday, November 05, 2006

just lucky

sorry sorry...didn update this blog for decade..been very busy for this past few just started...haha..btw..i come here with a good news....

wat is this? wat is this? haha..u tell me...

yea...recently i juz bought an ebony black myvi be exact information, not i father's... plate number is WPN 9566...born on friday Nov 3... haha.. okok..story ends here...the next 1 arising..

hey hey..dun thing not a 'kaki toto' or watever..haha...look at circle and is almost la..haha..and the prize of a random number position...and the date plz...and then refer back to the plate num..

and the lucky stuff mum got coincident that it spot that prize...i can see a big smile on my mum's faces..haha...and we think that this car bring us luck? abit supersticious or wat...dun care.haha
p/s - you can buy this number if u dun hav'll bring u more money ( dun trust) haha... and if kena again..plz gimme some commission ler..hehe...k k... many works awaiting as tall as bukit ler...