Sunday, October 04, 2009

What is a fun trip?

Fun trip is nothing more than a visitation to ordinary places with extraordinary friends, spending time together and keep you happy all the days,.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival

Dear Mom,

time passes so fast, been like more than 1 mth...almost 2 months

Wonder how are you, where you are, what are you doing? if you could tell me or even hits me or just a fast glimpse of you in dreams, that would be very sufficient.

Today will be the first big day without you. Mid-Autumn Festival...

Feeling so unhappy, not full, not satisfied, the most important things in a full family, it's not full anymore...

hope that you stay with us.

Take care

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eco-Friendly Campaign

Event: Eco-Friendly Campaigh
Date: 12 April 09, Sunday
Venue: Planetarium Negara

Yeap... go becoming volunteer there... helping out with treasure hunt...

Rover H Titiwangsa

Ed, Nic, Me, Wai Ee and Pei Yee( Alicat)^^

NOthing much to do..just helping out becoming the marshall for ppl to come... and get clue, then go on.. haha

the floor is abit wet due to rain..but to potrait we are chinese we eat in this manner... "to eat, we must sit"? Chinese spirit,

one thing that i would like to comment in this event is the openness of the Organiser...
See on below picture..

Yes, you are thinking the right thing...we share's a public sharing toilet ... and it HAPPENS in Malaysia...since when our gov become so open?? haha

It was a hectic day, we suppose to be there till 1 smth, but end up we finish at 5... sigh

signing off

TCA 118 Anniversary

Event: Selangor and Kuala Lumpur Teochew Association 118 Anniversary
Place: HGH Convention Centre, Sentul
Date: Sat, 6pm-11pm

Yea i am apart of the Youth Section of the SKL Teochew Association^^ when i tell this to other ppl, they will feel wierd and reply me, not old ppl go 1 ah? haha

VIP Room for the Guest^^ nice sofa

He's one of the sub-committee for the Youth Section

Those Youth Section that attended... swt im the youngest

Picture together with the Women's Section

lol i know they were all older than me..but their heart still very very young... with Tan Sri Dato' Lim Guan Teik..President of SKL Teochew Association

wonderful dinner, nice food and a joyful day.

and and...nice "Tong San" clothes i am wearing^^

Sunday, March 29, 2009


current status : Working
location : Brickfields
Company Name : Riteq Services Sdn Bhd
no. of employee : 5

affilation : Gomez & Co and Taxsafe Sdn Bhd

total ppl : >20 ppl (est)
Duration : 11 February 2009 - 16 May 2009
Title : Trainee (Company Secretarial?)

^^ so it's been a while there...but till now i have not manage to take any pic of my company environment.. haha but anyway, it's ok...^^ will update soon...real soon.


last few days, i've out meeting with my scout friend... those from Titiwangsa, the district that i involved in.. been chatting for quite some time, they are Malaysian malay,and we are close enough to talk with open heart... it's because, we are scout....what we know are not you malay? chinese or indian....but we are malaysian.. this is truely amazing.. we share our experience, last time at kelantan, the view is like Final Fantasy, during our berakit, what we have faced, what we had experienced, and we really make friend thru this. thru scout. then we chat about the problem now that we are facing, that we are under reconstruction, bla bla bla and the stories goes.

this is what we Scout are... skin colour is not a barrier. our race is not an obstacles.. together, we strengthen our Scouting ring, scouting brotherhood..

p/s - for all the Scouts out there, be proud of your uniform, be proud that we are born in a multiracial country, where tolerance, understanding and friendship plays an important role in making this country a successful one.

Malaysia, Truly Asia ( lol ..OMG tiba2 this come out... suddenly remembered this)

Once a Scout, Always a Scout! lol this theme has been too long here...

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reminisce on CNY

i was born in a very big family, both my parent and also my grandparent had their family trees with alot of branches.

Event : CNY Gathering
Place : Sekinchan

below are the pic of my family tree branch...

these are my grandparent generation( in terms of status)

1st granduncle

2nd granduncle

and there goes on...

yes.!!! this is family ...finally

we sing song, we dance, and laugh, and be merry

it's good to be in a typical chinese family...^^

yes!!! and this is the kickstart for me....2009 blog journey continue

~~ it's start of something new ~~

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Cultural Camp

Date : 5th December 2008 - 8th December 2008
Event : 7th Chinese Cultural Camp by Teochew Association of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur

Yea going to look back history.. haha i just received the picture.. so have the passion to talk about this camp.. It was nice.. and i learn quite some things...

This is the first ever chinese speaking camp i attended.. usually my scout camp or school camp or other outside camp is either malay or english speaking... so it was rather interesting joining it..

Ya this camp i bring in my lil bro also, Edmund. for him to have fun.

i arrive late at the pre-camp day... due to some unforseen circumstances.. haha i'll reveal it at late..

this will be the working committee for this camp.. haha they are from UTM, and a language college ( i 4get the name) but they'll become a language tutor.

IT's a competition. Grabbing with CHOPSTICK! this make us get to know each other...

certain group pic..

Cute guy.. haha wanna pinch him!!

we are eating at monorail's stairs..!

At Night of 7th December, there was a campfire

preparing for the dance together with song.. i dunno what it called in chiense

Our MC for the night... ( Jie How and Wei Theng)

i like this..

games during the campfire..

we also got put the Kong Ming Tanglung? haha i think so le

Me and Edmund

Had a fun day..

It's 2009 now.. looking forward for more

IT's New year

IT's new year..
It's 2009
IT's the new beginning
and iT's the 3rd day

my younger bro birthday but he's sleeping..

aww haha

have a nice day everyone..