Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raymond Lam Promo Tour

Event : Raymond Lam Promo Tour
Place : Pavilion KL
Date : 24 Oct 08
Time : 8pm

yea..that event..i went there today.... actually i went with family + gf, but then end up only me, gf, and edmund ( my little bro) watch... nothing special... erm.. it's was kinda not really good.... i was expecting alot better...

this stage is small which i was expecting the least...but still..ok le

he's been late for more than half an hour..but there were no ppl there to talk..and we all just stand there and wait... at least..if there are MCs, then it will be better...waited until finally..comes the 988 mc and do something...well.....

haha i heard this MC being provoked by Raymond.... but still. .... a part of the job if not there will be no laughter?? zz

then got 1 girl go up stage and give flower..and a hug

SURE THERE are alot of girls that are JEALOUS!!!!! hahaha i know... haha

anyway..he sang 3 song...which have the most feeling is the last song.... i recorded it.. tot of letting all of you listen..but well..too bad.. cant upload.. haha.

next time le..^^

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ATAS- World Malaysia Scout Fellowship Night

Event : Scout Fellowship Night
Date : 11 October 2008
Place : Royal Commonwealth Society
Organiser : ATAS-world Malaysia

Let me start with a brief introduction about ATAS. ATAS is not opposite of BAWAH. It is an acronym for Association of Top Achievers Scout. Its membership is open to members of the Queens, King, Tiger, National Flower, SAR, Honorary, Shaheen, Fuji, President, Garuda and Royal Scouts and to its equivalent in the World Organisation of the Scouts Movement (WOSM)/ Asia-Pacific Region or Queens Guide, Mugunghwa Scouts and its equivalent in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) who are the leader of WOSM/Asia-Pacific Region. ( Adopted from their page) to simplify it, they are top scouts, in which this case, im not. SWT ~_~

it's held in the Royal Commonwealth Society (wow it sounded GRAND) situated in Damansara Height

it takes me soem time to find this places... but we manage to reach there on time..

Hearing this Scout Fellowship Night, it projects an image of 'party' which intended for young people about my age or somehow older than me...but not more than 10 of my age in gracing this event, but to be the truth is that most of not all of them were at least 1 generation older than me.... even also some can become my grandfather... They are active in the sense that their Scouting Spirit, Friendship circle that everlasting and strong bonding them every now and then.

from the left - right( circled) ----
Chan Choi Fun, Oli and Edmund. ( everyone were being so short and we are blocked wakaka)

here would be a better pic.

their shoulder at least few flower.. well frankly speaking they are alot superior than me, i have no flower. ^^

we have a buffet dinner, then follow by nostalgic songs singing and story telling. they all were sporty and actively participate.

all ended with the circle of friendship and taps. which the tradition were carried until this day!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

my first day back to college.

so fast i ended my holiday.. and now it's second semester of advance diploma.. all da best yea.