Tuesday, December 23, 2008

war to come...

it's been dayssss since i last update my diary... gosh alot of things happened...

but the major things is.....my exam is coming soon...

all the best..wont be active that much here.... probably after i finish finalz first le..

good luck everyone

Sunday, November 23, 2008

quick recap on live show..

Title : Are You Smarter Than the 5th Grade?

just finish watching the show.. and i kinda feel that malaysian are smarter.

a question asked to an adult.


If y = 3x, and 3x = 12, what is y?

gosh.. this is like simple + direct + easiest question

yet the 'adult' got it wrong... she quitted and say if she continue she'll say it's 4

yet she think her decision to quit is the best and so happy jumping jumping there

and me and my bro was like. #$%^&*( lol )
..oh my god ..
yea they should create this show to see how stupid they are...wakakaka

simple and i dun think you need my answer for that...^^

proud that you are smarter than the 5th grade!!.

bon weekend.

Monday, November 10, 2008

~~ Update ~~

oh gosh i sprain my back... it hurts!!
now im bending over.. walking like a grandpa
hopefully i'll recover soon...

last thursday attended career fair at Sport Complex.. haha get some freebies zzz
also only i get to know that im 172cm. 172 impossible!!

last friday i attended a branding talk by austeen zecha..
it was rather quite interesting to listen..looking at how advertising made interesting...
add some distruption made it look different...
and had a few glance on past and present of tourism malaysia clip... (yeah! they made it and it's COOL!)

yea a memorable saturday i had passed.... we had a family outing - swimming?
in my memories, it's been alot of years back since we last swim with dad...
with dad , sis and big bro ...
looking forward to the next outing...
btw, i went with my sprained back..but i still swim..
wonder if i felt the pain that time..@_@

then tuesday i'll be having a test.. MCL ( kinda dislike the lecturer cum tutor attitude over personal qualities, but she got her strong stand.. tough woman)
till now i haven prepare myself..buckle up man!
at night will continue french class^^ ( enrolled in this class last 2 weeks i guess)
french is quite nice

Bounjour, je m'appelle Oli. Enchante

then every wednesday i'll be swimming at college...cos the time fits really nice..
just after class.. and traffic jam? = swimming yeah!

430pm - 630pm - let's swim together

then next saturday there's a corporate talk.. gosh and we made compulsary by our course... well it should be informational i guess..
talk by one of the top m from SP Setia... they sponsored mama mia (told by DR YEO).. wonder if i can get the free ticket to their musical..


then i'll be damn nice to have it watch with gf:P she wanted it so much... daydreaming hopefully i can get $_$


so today? this is it... till next time update! merci beaucoup( thank you very much) for listening me talk talk talk talk for so long...

Au revoir (bye bye)

Friday, November 07, 2008


it's friday night again.. i was browsing thru the malaysian scouts and guide portal, to my astonishment, i saw my link of event - ATAS Scout Fellowship Night being adopted there.. wonder how they can find it.. or wonder if my previous bad post being caught...sigh

nvm. scout is my life, without scout, i have no life.!!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Raymond Lam Promo Tour

Event : Raymond Lam Promo Tour
Place : Pavilion KL
Date : 24 Oct 08
Time : 8pm

yea..that event..i went there today.... actually i went with family + gf, but then end up only me, gf, and edmund ( my little bro) watch... nothing special... erm.. it's was kinda not really good.... i was expecting alot better...

this stage is small which i was expecting the least...but still..ok le

he's been late for more than half an hour..but there were no ppl there to talk..and we all just stand there and wait... at least..if there are MCs, then it will be better...waited until finally..comes the 988 mc and do something...well.....

haha i heard this MC being provoked by Raymond.... but still. .... a part of the job if not there will be no laughter?? zz

then got 1 girl go up stage and give flower..and a hug

SURE THERE are alot of girls that are JEALOUS!!!!! hahaha i know... haha

anyway..he sang 3 song...which have the most feeling is the last song.... i recorded it.. tot of letting all of you listen..but well..too bad.. cant upload.. haha.

next time le..^^

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ATAS- World Malaysia Scout Fellowship Night

Event : Scout Fellowship Night
Date : 11 October 2008
Place : Royal Commonwealth Society
Organiser : ATAS-world Malaysia

Let me start with a brief introduction about ATAS. ATAS is not opposite of BAWAH. It is an acronym for Association of Top Achievers Scout. Its membership is open to members of the Queens, King, Tiger, National Flower, SAR, Honorary, Shaheen, Fuji, President, Garuda and Royal Scouts and to its equivalent in the World Organisation of the Scouts Movement (WOSM)/ Asia-Pacific Region or Queens Guide, Mugunghwa Scouts and its equivalent in the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) who are the leader of WOSM/Asia-Pacific Region. ( Adopted from their page) to simplify it, they are top scouts, in which this case, im not. SWT ~_~

it's held in the Royal Commonwealth Society (wow it sounded GRAND) situated in Damansara Height

it takes me soem time to find this places... but we manage to reach there on time..

Hearing this Scout Fellowship Night, it projects an image of 'party' which intended for young people about my age or somehow older than me...but not more than 10 of my age in gracing this event, but to be the truth is that most of not all of them were at least 1 generation older than me.... even also some can become my grandfather... They are active in the sense that their Scouting Spirit, Friendship circle that everlasting and strong bonding them every now and then.

from the left - right( circled) ----
Chan Choi Fun, Oli and Edmund. ( everyone were being so short and we are blocked wakaka)

here would be a better pic.

their shoulder at least few flower.. well frankly speaking they are alot superior than me, i have no flower. ^^

we have a buffet dinner, then follow by nostalgic songs singing and story telling. they all were sporty and actively participate.

all ended with the circle of friendship and taps. which the tradition were carried until this day!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

my first day back to college.

so fast i ended my holiday.. and now it's second semester of advance diploma.. all da best yea.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


What a world is this…. What a dramatic + shocking + realistic world is this.. this is a thing that I do not want to believe…until I watched it with my own eye… and yes! I had a peek on it ady.. but yet… it’s unbelievable. I JUST DON’T WANT TO BELIEVE IT@!!!!

just now i watched a show called Maury... it's a live show that 'help' those parents who have no other idea or chances to help their children with their 'wtf' attitude...

actually this shows got alot more activity...just go and have a peek then...

just go youtube and search for Maury...or simply browse below clip....

their child poor attitude...or should i say damn shit mindset?

having sex with 60 yrs old man?
having sex for a cheeseburger?
having sex for RM20
having sex for a stupid damn can of soda drinks....



also..there's people that come to this show to find their baby's father.... WHO IS THE BABY's father?

on this episode....

i shed a tears for this girl... she's so cham..god.

see the fking man's attitude? wat the crappy ass***e............

if you are lucky..you have guys waiting like this...if not...then you will be wandering around looking for your child's father!!!!!!!!!

guys are jerk.. poor girl... resulting from behaviour of having random s... themself for not making themself worthy.....

this is the real world!!! face it! care for your loved one!
sad but it's true...

sign out

Sunday, August 24, 2008


exam exam exam!! why exam is so important, while it's just a paper where you need to write what you know. if the question so coincidently you know, then you get it, if not, then poor you.. end up it's just piece of result that show your marks... what can you do? compare with friend? show bosses? if you get not good enough, then you need to resit... oh yea.. that's a nice gddam you need to pay RM50 to able yourself to suffer again to read again and to take the test again..

is that all important?

YES!!!!!!!! it's


bless us...

Saturday, August 16, 2008

All About Lucky....

today i did something i felt bad... sigh...

First of all...let me say sorry to Lucky... i beat him until he CRIED.. his eye is watery like and he hide himself at a corner and cried.. my heart felt so pain.. sorry lucky..

who's Lucky? here comes... this is Lucky...

one of this dog is my lucky...

this pic is taken when he's dunno 1 months old....

he's pig!!

he's so cute!!!!

lucky is growing day by day....

he's very intelligent....

and playful...

he's probably the cutest dog for me..^^

not only that...he's so hardworking... expecially towards 'playing' with smaller friend... he'll get too excited..^^


he bang himself in an after-rain effect in a mud.... gosh.. haha...
he deserve to be praise...^^

sometimes..my mum scold him for 'starring' at her..

yea...these are the eyes..

i was going to laugh when my mum scold him...

whenever he got something.. he'll eventually find place to hide it.. kinda a base for him...

and eventually.....

we'll find it..^^

this is lucky..pretending to be DEAD? or just lazy sleeping..

and a candid pic taken...

this dog also abit 8 1 lor... haih.. got anything happening, he'll go see... like a "8 gong" la...haha

haha..gotcha... 8 gong!!!

taken on saturday 9/8/08.. lucky you so ACTION ah...ask you look camera you dun 1...zzzz

haha.. lucky..you are the best...

today he acted strange and grrr towards my cousin...trying to 'attack'. i take cane and caned him...sigh..he cried.. and i heart break..zzz i sayang back him le...

there's a phrase mentioned, dog is man's best friend... yes he is...

p/s- lucky..dun always pee and poo at the wrong place...i'll beat you also!!!! haha.. remember!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympic

wow..yesterday the beijing olympic opening ceremony was rather amazing.

alot of work and effort and money spent in doing this spectacular show...

thousand and thousand of people performing... showing the world, the chinese is damn united..

fireworks worth thousand and thousand dollar is burning...

if you miss it... regret?

regret not... watch it back here..


have fun

Friday, August 08, 2008


date : 08/08/08
time ; i wish it were 8.08 am.. but i miss it...well i also cant post at 8.08pm

today's the lucky day!

For a day that will bring you prosperity, luck and alot of opportunity..
ppl gambling at genting, hope you all win alot
ppl studying, hope all your exam question will be as what you read
ppl working, hope you all will get promoted soon
ppl sleeping, wish 4d number all come out
ppl courting gal/guy, hope you all will be given a chance

It's the happy 08.08.08
wish you have a good day ahead

well.... also it's olympic

channel 318 i watch... and eagerly waiting..

other channel i not that sure.. haha


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

King Scout ?

Dear Scouts,

Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell... have you ever heard the name? i belief so.. he's the founder of your so called Scout Movement that occurs all around the world....

10 Scout Law..
the Scout Promises...

the basic and necessity of a scouts.....

have you ever come across the badge above? and what does it means to you?

KING SCOUT.... the highest achievements of a scout....
journey starting when you join a scout...

In Malaysia,

you need to pass your tenderfoot, gone thru Usaha, Maju then Jaya, you need to get 8 lencana kepandaian, then waited for 3 months, only you will get Rambu Pengakap Muda.
further up... you need to continue 5 lencana tertinggi, then you will achieve Rambu Pengakap Remaja.
after that, you need to gone thru a Ujian Sikap, 5 main category and pass thru the Ujian Pengakap Raja.

ONLY THEN, ONLY thru all your hard work and all your work, and using all 5 years of your secondary life, only you will receive the above award. there will be a ceremony, badge will come along with a certificate that signed by all Sultans, and presented to you by Agong. it was a tremendous achievement in scout.

this is something that i wanted to achieve ... always.

2 days ago, i was been mentioned that i will be meeting a king scout. i was so anxious, so exciting.... in my imagination, he'll be a tough guy, smart looking, and of cos will not have any attitude problem.... i was so happy at that time...

it was a disasterous... he's a skinny guy, well not only a no-no in smart looking, but he looks like a drug addict?( or i should not say so)im sorry to criticize on the appearance. my apology.

it's ok... his attitude, all come out **toot toot toot** the language he used is really terrifically tragically terribly SHIT.. DAMN SHIT.! open mouth *toot* this, f this, d that, wat the hell man i wondering... i was so damn disappointed. is he a king scout...he qualiffied? i would say he's not a king scout..he's an asshole...or if he really is a king scout, i would so disappointed in our PPM, producing such an asshole in the scout....

i was not mentioning ALL, but i was targetting on him... just him.. or maybe others, that have the attitude of him, i would say sorry in advance.

im so sorry that i emotionally cant control my dissapointment towards him, thus using such bad words....

well... i just wanna express myself..

please dun sue me, i have no money - (quoted from Muar Guy? i think that's his phrase..^^)

have a nice day..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inter-Campus Debate

Date : 29 July 08
Time : 0226 hours
mood : well.. erm.. hard to say..

Inter-Campus Debate and a long long day.........................

today's been a good? bad? or just like my normal other days ?

i've helped out in the Inter-Campus Debate Competition Finals, held by EMSD to students, attended by all big bosses? principle bla bla... ok here goes the stories..

during the competition, suddenly "zhup!" gone all the light..sound... TARC again been attacked by the electricity cut... wel... like normal other days... we still continue with that, all still enthusiastic...all still doing well.....

i became the timekeeper for the day, and i make a mistake at ringing the bell at the reply speech. gosh! i felt terrible. miss vel say it's ok....miss jessica from penang say...nvm..it's not a big deal... haha. and you will remember it hard then..

but then.... i felt that somehow it screwed up in the last mins....and now...i know how my friend felt that day..how aching the heart is... how tension is he.... ( well that day i was also feeling the same, but not as hard as this) i said my apology to him here.

well... then... what next, today i first time becoming a driver of 7 ppl .....in a comfortable way..i never had been driving when there is another 2 row behind me. always i was driving in my wira and myvi..and the feeling is not the same... well quite fun..... and this is gf's AVANZA

and again "quite FUN" end up i myself did a terrible manner..of course not about the car.. about the owner of the car... im sorry to you that neglected you and did not tell you in advance.... you must be feeling sux there... and i hurt you again. and again... and again... and again... im so terrible man! gosh.

alot of things i wanna say...but what and how i should say? damn tired.. guess next time? when i have the time waking up at this hour? hope it goes...

be happy always.

Friday, July 25, 2008

ok done..what next?

A sight of relief.. i passed my assignment... ok what next..

solo presentation
test for Meeting Law
test for... account
test for... OMG...no more test...which means my final is coming soon

gosh.. that 1 is academic..

debate helper
debate time-keeper
scout meeting... oh gosh
scout 100 years.... omg omg.........
rovermoot....sigh i think i'll pass this
yah....the souvenir books... sigh..need to do

what else..

this is all for my next 2 months? sigh

i'll be damn happy jumping around after i finish all this.... and i know i'll be very satisfy with that... i choose to cause my heart feel to do it... yeah..goodluck

Monday, July 21, 2008

the bad side of me.

im starting to feel like im the worst in the world... i screw everything up... how could this happen to me? i never thought that it would be so... i have my dream..i have my aim.. hey oli, where the hell is your heart now? why all and everything you undecided? bullshit man.

oli..your study is like shit now c'mon..what the hell you doing? i tell you if you dun buckle up...your future will gone i tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! always play ... your ACCOUNT IS SO DAMN SHIT!!! go study la... your LAW there very good ah now? go study la...go memorize it..understand it... bladdy fool.. you are a FOOL NOW!!!!! FOOL!!!! you even screw up your Study Loan....so? then? how you going to study? you better go make it right... what else, camp coming again..you go again... your diploma there you say you regret d..now you go again.. what the F man.... scout is good...but then if you abandon your study, GONE LA YOU!!!!!!! then wat... what you going to be? a low level staff? cashier? bullshit.. is this your AIM? where is your head to think? everyone telling you the same thing and you still dont get it? STUDY .. study please..i beg you.. please focus more on your study..dun always sleep goddamn you. what you get from sleeping? in lecture , sleep..in tutorial sleep, at house? computer facing this idiot stupid square and you see..you are wasting time here typing all this!!!!!!!!! so damn wasting time. you think you are so good now? you can do all you wan t like how you did in diploma? c'mon.. it's just diploma.. it's not ADVANCE DIP....you think with your annoying attitude now you can score good? look at others..look at everyone around you..they are trying hard ..trying so damn hard to achieve their things.... they are trying fucking hard..and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who are you to say you can without trying? bullshint!~!!!!!!!! bullsihit man!!!!!

you will achieve nothing..

to be or not to be... THAT IS THE QUESTION.....you determine who and what you are...you are to be YOU!! if you choose not to be this..then so be it...it's your choice... you will suffer... like others give a goddamn care on who and what else you are. qustion yourself.. really is this what you want? is this you think you can be? is this you wan to be? that's the question..

how hard your parent provide you everything? and everything? and anything? feel thankful man..you should. your mum ask you..how's your study? ok la.. that's your answer.. how she felt? just merely an ok? you are so damn dissapointing man... can you be like your brother? always say bro is study nerd..i no need study 1..can score..YOU THINK YOU CAN? go to hell. study...please stufy....

bro ask you teach didi..yplease give him the priorty..you wan to screw his future? no please...no.. i beg you..no............... ask him study... study together wit h him... less go out..less go watch movie.. less sleep...and you can make him better... dun always scout scout scout...please

set your goal, and make it happen. you set it..you make it happen.. if not..it's pointless.. damn pointless.. you are just a pathetic asshope crap.. and i tell you...you dont wanna be that...

think if it yourself.......

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ENd of Talentime Night 2008

it's ending. i cant believe it.... so hard we worked for it...3 months...and the event itself just lasted for a maximum of 5 hours.. but it's worth it.... we did a GREAT JOB!!!

"Fresh and Cool, Dreams and Show, TT Night, SAY FRESCO!!!!!"

but then it's time to focus back on studying...sigh..life goes on.. miss you guys. i learn alot from it..

Saturday, July 05, 2008


the surgery has been a success and my mum was discharged d^^ thanks for all your concern.

another day goes, here come another critical things. My Talentime Night is just around the corner... this coming Sunday ..OMG. this whole week i've been staying at college till late....yesterday i just reach home at 1...gosh. it's really tiring....

Critical...Critical...Danger ...Danger.. Danger..>!!!

Damn...on Monday i have Exam SUmmore....Financial Accounting...i know nothing about it..Gosh. need to work hard!!!!

oli study more hard..dun play play!!!

sign out!

Thursday, June 26, 2008


erm.. my mum now in operation.having som sort of uterus infection.
hope she's doing well.

god bless.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Will we do this?

Date: June 25
Mood: fairly dirty.. i haven taken my bath..
Time: 8.48am

i just cross some pictures in the net and i start wondering... will malaysian do this?

naked painted soccer.

Look :

all of them are hawt chicks..

how sexy they are..


look at all of the spectators...all are guys!

they are just wearing t-bag and play the game...topless

question to ponder....
girl - will your dare to do this? if yes? will your BF let you do this?
boy - i will go to see? hehe..yes but will i be allowed? haha..

above all!!!!

will our government allow this to happen? all kena tangkap berpakaian tidak senonoh..but wat can we say....' bang, kita tidak berpakaian la..!!"

then..all law which you know-what-out... bla bla bla.... that's how it goes..

luckily above matter is not our culture..and im glad to be malaysian? for it's culture..not it's administration.

thanks to curiousfunnyphoto you all can have a look on those incredible things!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Cochrane Campfire

Date : 18 June 08
Time : 5.57 am
Mood : sleepy yet awaken

ENDED CAMPFIRE!!!!!!! this is the first thing i wanna shout.. we did it.. Cochrane Did IT AND WE CAME BACK!!!

glad that all this is just a dream ..but it became reality..and it ended successfully. below are clip from the campfire...

Opening Ceremony for the campfire

During the night 1st performance by Jrs Scout

i'll go grab more pics here..

just stay tuned.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


The petrol price hike has caused a serious tension to all Malaysian i believe. Previously i've chatted with some drivers about this matter and this came to a conclusion that the government has come out with a plan that is benefiting themself as 'the government' without considering the impact toward its 'rakyat'.. to say that this is unavoidable to announce in a shock manner

From the previous 'tsunami' from the increasing of rice price that has strike us, it has put us in a situation where we have to control our food..

Rice $$ up..
Flour $$ up..
petrol $$ up..
this $$ up...that $$ up.... and the most crucial thing is that did our salary being increased ? how can we accomodate with the price hike happened in every price increasing drastically?

this salary thing has nothing to bother me...cause im still depending on my parent's pocket money..but to think of the burden they need to bear with... i can somehow feel the weight..

have point there...

regarding on subsidy given to commercial vehicles...please take note that there's a limit of fuel subsidized..and is that fuel being subsidize enough through out the month? im not sure but please make sure this 1st before you pressing those commeicial vehicles not to increase price... YES! they cant increase price merely because of petrol hike...but what about other increases ? in food? in spare parts? in maintenance? did you think in their shoes? how could their price be maintained?

petik dari
The steep hike in petrol prices is a reflection of the huge amount of subsidies spent by the government. "The people have been living too long in a comfort zone and the price hike teaches us to appreciate what the government has done for the people and not to become wasteful"

too long in confort zone..and the price hike teaches us to appreciate what government has done? this somehow give me a feeling that he's blaming us on the general election happened that gave him a big shock? why we not appreciate? is there a reason we not appreciate? think it over first on wat causes us to do so... corruption. spending money to tumpang naik space...c'mon. wat kind of crappy thing is thsi... better still dispose all the corrupted people and hire person that can work.. and spend our money wise before starting to critise on how we appreciate the government.

now even TNB going to increase price....alah... price all increases...did the government expect us not to increase price and makan sendiri the extra costs? who should cover?

i dont have a best solution to this problem..but can you adult think of something that is good for all parties? " we cannot satisfy and cater to all needs" but not you are not satisfying the majority! and their needs you din even lend a hand...

the poor get poorer...and the rich also getting poorer... this is the way of closing the gap between poor and rich..this is wat will be! who get rich? tahu tahu la..

Monday, May 26, 2008

Camp at Sg. Congkak..

date: 26 May 08
time: 0134 hour

it it early in the morning and i am awake... juz back from camp at sg. Congkak... 24-26 may, but i come back on the 25th due to college reopen at the very few hours to go..

this is the very first time i drove car to a campsite..which is far away from city.. i dun even know the road... selamba je me and my lil bro, edmund pack some clothes and drove my grandpa wira out.. it was enjoying..

wat to say about this camp... yea.. it was ogranised by SAB for their badge camp, helped out by district? or well i not so sure.. but district were there..

on the first day, rovers were helping out in testing the flying fox..it was very
'wth' feeling... cool height, great speed.... first we tested with tyre... and if the tyre is a living things, i dun think that the momentum bang on the tiang will show and remaining of its life..hehe..

on that night, i slept on the sidewalk of the road... i din bring anything, just 1 pcs of shirt..that's all, as i din expect to overnight.. it was a cool night, finally me and my lil bro jog to the car park and sleep in the car^^ luckily

on the second day, i helped out in the abseiling tower...i was standing up there, securing the going-to-be-abseiler ... after a few people, i was given chance to prepare the 'abseiler' for their adventerous experience....tacking them to the rope with figure-of-8..

it rains!!!!! too bad and i din even try any of it...wasted man..i'll be back there..

finally we came back..and guess wat, me and my lil bro bring back 4 balak as souvenirs....for our campfire... we put it at school and i went for a car wash... my car was like return from x-trail + mountain climbing with the passenger sit all get dirt..

well..i spend lil time writting this..really tired..hope next time i have some picture to show..^^ good night

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

1st P&P booths for TT Night..

Date : 21 May 08
Time : 0545 hours
mood : surprisingly awake

such a tired day yesterday.. joined tt night event, now working on it.. yesterday was our first p&p booth... alot of new faces, freshmen were there.. and we there to distribute flyers and promote them joining our event.. hehe. happy..

a feeling of satisfaction^^

sign out
p/s- the design was from the editorial dept. tnx for nice design^^

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lyric for Ai Yu Xi Wang by Lin Jun Jie

this is the lyric song mentioned in the previous post, dedicated to the victim of earthquake 512, by Lin Jun Jie.

林俊杰 - 爱与希望



当爱与希望 投射炙热的太阳
昨日泪光 会随时间都蒸发
别轻易放弃 明天要许更多愿望
装满了勇气 就更有力量

当爱与希望 倒映暖暖的月亮
再回头望 又是筑好的家乡
我打开了窗 看见了晴朗


Lin Jun Jie - Ai Yu Xi Wang

da di bei yao huang zhe
tian kong tu ran hei le
wo de xin ye bei zhen sui le
xia yi miao wa jie le
lei dui ji cheng le he

dan ming tian shi hao de
wo men yao jian ding zhe
ai rang wo men bu fang qi huo zhe
hai yao ji xu he da zi ran ba he

dang ai yu xi wang tou she zhi re de tai yang
zuo ri lei guang hui sui shi jian dou zheng fa
bie qing yi fang qi ming tian yao xu geng duo yuan wang
zhuang man le yong qi jiu geng you li liang

dang ai yu xi wang dao ying nuan nuan de yue liang
zai hui tou wang you shi zhu hao de jia xiang
wo zhi dao wei lai hai you hao duo lu yao chuang
wo da kai le chuang kan jian le qing lang


JJ Lin - Love & Hope

The earth shook
The sky suddenly darkened
My heart was shaken to pieces
A moment's devastation
tears accumulating into a river

But tomorrow will be better
We must stay strong
Love~ Allows us to not give up to continue living
Continue on battling with Mother Nature

When love and hope, projects the warmth of the sun
Yesterday's tears will evaporate over the passing of time
Don't give up easily, Tomorrow make many more wishes
Filled with greater courage so stronger than before

When love and hope reflects back the warmth of the moonlight
Next time around, it will once again be a nicely built homeland
I know that the future ahead lies many obstacles to overcome
I've opened a window, seeing it clearly (sunny and cloudless)

very meaningful..thanks lin jun jie.

p/s - thanks to whoever who produce this lyric.. i cant find the source thou.. thanks very much.

Tribute to Sichuan Earthquake Victim

Alot of things has happened lately... was it a sign of something? or it's just a coincidence..

and then i wondering..

tribute to sichuan earthquake victim...

i really hope to be a part of the rescue team, lending every hand and energy i had to help out to the victim of earthquake... looking at their spirit and hardwork, it make me feel so touched.. im touched, truely.

above all...all tend to say chinese has a nation where all is unify under a nation, and their government treat their citizen interdependant..i totally agree..

compare to malaysia, i have nothing more to say other than selfish, from wat i can see. own benefit above all..maybe im too young and 'katak bawah tempurung', dunno wat our government is doing best for us, but in my ways of looking things, they are making our life worst...

dedicated song below from Lin Jun Jie - Ai Yu Xi Wang [爱与希望]

yea..my tears dropped. it touched my heart.

im sad for the victim..

hope they are being handled well..

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Unforgetable Redang Trip...

Date : 17 May 08
Time : 5.30 Pm
Mood : dunno..haha

well ..guess wat.. i just back from Redang, Terengganu man... and i bet the experience i receive is much more than you all..?? The trip is from 12-15 May 08..

the very first thing happen in this trip is..... good..we miss the bus.. it's ok... our fault late for maximum of 10 mins, but we have more than 10 friends inside the bus informing, the bus driver still dun care.. NVM!

then he ask us go chase him.....so well..we guess..it's ok..taki we use.. 2 taxi.. guess wat...haha..it's like playing chase chase man....the bus dun 1 stop..and we keep on persuing the bus, it's like cops VS theif.....

reaching to the tol, our taxi give up...it's ok.... well...the bus showing some stopping sign.. so we guess, " the bus stop, we catch it"

bloddy hell..when we running towards it...the bus ran off... bullshit man... and finally we stuck in the highway...where only cars flying fast, and we 7 ppl wait there ... well...one gave up and called her parents to fetch home..hehe.. but for the other 6..this is the beginning for our adventerous experience..

we tried to stop busses, cars, trucks ... to tumpang us.... end up a very good helper..

ta da! taxi the money sucker. thre goes our money ...

yea..i use goddamn big wings...it really hurt man! 240 for 2 taxi...but wat to do...we are in middle of highway...

so we took taxi to Bentong, nearest town and stop by a 24 hours KFC... there goes our night

finally reached a place to stop..

my bed hehe...

sigh...i should be sleeping nice and easy in side bus..

so this is our 1st night....


as early as 6, we wake up and prepare ourself.... we heading to bus station...where we will consider where to move on...

finally we had a bus, Union from Bentong to Termeloh, which there have higher chance have bus to kuala terengganu..

ok.....we sit for more than 2 hours bus to Termeloh...and bought a ticket to Kuala Terengganu at 10am... finally back to our spot... we feel relieved..
gosh... this Journey takes ages man...4pm only reach Kuala terengganu... my butt get red man..get a hell of an ass pain..

this is the famous bus.

finally..we raeched! glory glory us!

mou boat to redang, so we spend a night at Kuala Terengganu... so this is the inn we spend a night...

kean hoong..the macho.

quinnie, the so po? haha..jkjk

what a cute doraemon....this keep me from cold, providing me warmth...thanks!

i din take the pic of the whole...but you try to imagine le..damn cheap.. RM10 bucks per night.

we also had some walk around KT, the chinatown..

then about 8 smth, my NS friend, Chun Liang come fetch us go eat...then back rest...
we'll call it a day...a tired day.


Good morning...7 am wake up...prepare and we now energetic..heading towards Merang, our jetty there...

this journey took us 1 hour...hehe...finally..

the jetty... hehe... we back on track!

the bros of adventerous..

we take the speedboat to redang!!! redang!! here i come man

also...meet my friend...ROB, from Australia....hehe... we talked to each other there..and had fun chat..^^

we reached redang! well...tired but finally..^^

here are some pics taken..

pretend yeng only la..haih.

they are discussing how to freejump from here.

nice view of redang beach..

sleeping handsome.....in replacement of sleeping beauty.. sigh!

the camwhore us...zzz

reunion with our trip members...



they kissed! really kissed! really? well

the serious us..

the cute us..

this is the end of redang...we return to KT...

back in KT, we visited their Muzium Terengganu...very BIG alot bigger than KL

our ticket.

damn big..gosh..kl wont have this

Then, we proceed to a place... err.. Taman Tamadun Islam.

all the above is world class mosque.. very nice..

our trip...ended with a dinner in a seafood restaurant...hehe.. the feeling there remind me back to my hometown..where villagers are like friends, very close and alot of activity together...

on that day..they are celebrating Mother's Day

This is end of our trip...

sign off. and im tired of typing
finished at 730pm.