Sunday, November 23, 2008

quick recap on live show..

Title : Are You Smarter Than the 5th Grade?

just finish watching the show.. and i kinda feel that malaysian are smarter.

a question asked to an adult.


If y = 3x, and 3x = 12, what is y?

gosh.. this is like simple + direct + easiest question

yet the 'adult' got it wrong... she quitted and say if she continue she'll say it's 4

yet she think her decision to quit is the best and so happy jumping jumping there

and me and my bro was like. #$%^&*( lol )
..oh my god ..
yea they should create this show to see how stupid they are...wakakaka

simple and i dun think you need my answer for that...^^

proud that you are smarter than the 5th grade!!.

bon weekend.

Monday, November 10, 2008

~~ Update ~~

oh gosh i sprain my back... it hurts!!
now im bending over.. walking like a grandpa
hopefully i'll recover soon...

last thursday attended career fair at Sport Complex.. haha get some freebies zzz
also only i get to know that im 172cm. 172 impossible!!

last friday i attended a branding talk by austeen zecha..
it was rather quite interesting to listen..looking at how advertising made interesting...
add some distruption made it look different...
and had a few glance on past and present of tourism malaysia clip... (yeah! they made it and it's COOL!)

yea a memorable saturday i had passed.... we had a family outing - swimming?
in my memories, it's been alot of years back since we last swim with dad...
with dad , sis and big bro ...
looking forward to the next outing...
btw, i went with my sprained back..but i still swim..
wonder if i felt the pain that time..@_@

then tuesday i'll be having a test.. MCL ( kinda dislike the lecturer cum tutor attitude over personal qualities, but she got her strong stand.. tough woman)
till now i haven prepare myself..buckle up man!
at night will continue french class^^ ( enrolled in this class last 2 weeks i guess)
french is quite nice

Bounjour, je m'appelle Oli. Enchante

then every wednesday i'll be swimming at college...cos the time fits really nice..
just after class.. and traffic jam? = swimming yeah!

430pm - 630pm - let's swim together

then next saturday there's a corporate talk.. gosh and we made compulsary by our course... well it should be informational i guess..
talk by one of the top m from SP Setia... they sponsored mama mia (told by DR YEO).. wonder if i can get the free ticket to their musical..


then i'll be damn nice to have it watch with gf:P she wanted it so much... daydreaming hopefully i can get $_$


so today? this is it... till next time update! merci beaucoup( thank you very much) for listening me talk talk talk talk for so long...

Au revoir (bye bye)

Friday, November 07, 2008


it's friday night again.. i was browsing thru the malaysian scouts and guide portal, to my astonishment, i saw my link of event - ATAS Scout Fellowship Night being adopted there.. wonder how they can find it.. or wonder if my previous bad post being caught...sigh

nvm. scout is my life, without scout, i have no life.!!!!!