Friday, September 29, 2006

ice skating

i can fly today...and i fall again...and fall down again..damn...haha..
well..guess wat..i went to ice skating wif friends. we skate at Pyramid Ice...located at sunway pyramid there ....

we did some funny stuff...can u imagine..we go buy 'sayur'(as said by amelinda) at supermarket? (what the heck im doing?).....yea..that's true...we accompany 1 'suri rumah' aka Amelinda go shoppin...but it's funny..end up she and ginny chat about food...and guys juz listen..

some stuff we bought...

and we behave like kids...we drink vitagen( taste nice oso leh wei )...

me and Ginny( 1 of the 6 buddy)

kk..then we proceed to the skating ring...we paid RM13 for entrance fee and add another RM5 for a glove( not colour)

yea.this is me and loong fatt(1 of the 6 buddy)

we really had fun there..well i did not fall as much as u think...around 10++...or more?( good for a 1st timer)..haha..wat to do? falling is a process of learning ..
at first...i really cant even move my body..whenever i try to..i'll become unstable and will eventually slip off..and sia sueh...but with my intelligent and cleverness( tak tau malu)...i manage to catch the flow..catch the rythem and catch the feel..yay...good bless...but still..i was unable to brake..and keep on banging the wall to slow myself down..

this is also me and ginny...inside the Pyramid Ice liao..she can consider my instructor ..but im bad that everytime i fall..sure she fall as well..not my fault..( cos i grab her as bad am i..haha..i always remind her not to grab me when i fall..but in the the 1 who's causing her problem)...tq ginny there..we met some of old friend( we knew from Merdeka stuff) but didn really talk much cos i paiseh...and i did meet a gorgeous girl skating there..she's preety and cute...resemble 1 of my friend oso..abit..but too sad..i didn take her pic..sigh!

well..that's the end of a fun day which i PK the most....

Thursday, September 28, 2006

bowling wif friends...

wanna know how well u can control your hand? wanna know how accurate ur hand and eye can be? wanna know how well u coordinate ur body? bowling..

yesterday, few of our secondary schoolmates hav a meet up.. ya..that's rite..we play bowling..and it's not juz 1 or 2's total of 4 till hand can patah.. there's promotion in SuperBowl Times Square till end of this month - buy 1 get 1 free.. this event suggested by wai hoong - same class v me at secondary school.. and it's fun..

guess wat..this is all boys''s worry free, and very fun..more fun than if there's existence of gals..nono..i doesnt mean anythin..but just..there's more topic that we all get to click on...that we get to discuss...than if there's a different gender there...hehe..rite guys? having real fun..thx guys

rest in peace...

He who is the greatest created life, and He who is the greatest takes life u a cup of joyness and 10 cups of sadness..recently..2 of my relative gone to the afterworld..

1) 1st uncle of mum's side (11-09-06)
2) 4th granduncle of father's side (27-09-06)

rest in peace..amitaba

actually, im wondering how true the fact of folding paper into gold ( as believed by chinese) and burning material that will bring the 'stuff' to 'him/her'...and as we know..the thing we burn is so called "hell note" which is used in this fact,wat if the bearer went to heaven? will it be useful??

'nam mo lou' ( the guy who is like knowing everythin and 'singing song'or chanting in the funeral) wondering how true each and every word come from his mouth.. he who believed that can predict wat will happened next, will it be true? or in fact just to let the family members feel more relieve?

and in funeral...i think the relationship bond of family members no matter far or near will be tighten.. they will be talking and talking while all of them folding the paper.. ya often can we sit together and have a good chat rite? 'how's your work'? 'how's ur study'? and i also hear jokes too..btw i heard they talking about the value of the shape..that's out of my imagination..

ya..this are the few of many many more type of shape..

besides that..i also heard that all this caretaker are well prepared..well ready waiting to find business outside the wad room. as been told..there's someone that should hav inform them about this..and the someone will get commission as well.. hmm..rumors oni..

anyway...that's the ritual and we will just continue it without any doubt..

Monday, September 25, 2006

reunion..great day ..

this's the 5th day of my holiday..and here goes..almost 1 basically..wat i did? k..

the day of ending and xiang go watch DOA: Dead Or Alive....then go meet Michelle at Borders lo....juz hang around..well ..finish exam adi ma..

which 1 nice? well...i like the center 1...she looked preety naive rite?..but overall..all chick inside is hewt...really make me 'whoa' looking at their action stun...

then after that....on thursday...went shoppin with yoong xiang lo....he bought few pants and clothes also...from Tropicana LiFe and Some pants from S&K....then after usual..lepak at border's starbuck with goes a day summore..

ya..on friday...we held a reunion with all UTAR and KTAR and COCHRANE....we planned to meet at school first..then oni move on...well..still i had a nice chat with pn joginder - the teacher that watch me grow in school..and as mentioned by her..our school's reaching golden jublee nx year ; cochrane will be 50 years liao..guess it will held some big event thou..

..3 cars and a scooter ( =_=..which is mine)...we all of us really having great time to c each other...which we lost contact somehow?

yea...we did cause havaoc in 'char chan teng'...a restaurant in lessuirmall...someone's celebrating birthday and we all put a round applause to them after the birthday song makes us a group consists of around 20 ppl... like a jacoon coming out from jungle...but it's fun

then we walk walk around and saparate into 2 gangs .1 to watch movie and 1 more to CC...well..guess wt..i went with the CC gang...cos the movie i done's the DOA lo..

well...when everythin ends...finish..and my motor incident guess it's a bad day?'s a great day...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

lovely scooter get sick..

this is the bike i wanted to have...

but i got this...nah...actually juz joking...

this is my current bike...

my bike broke down today...juz suddenly pick-up gone...then naik bukit like crawling...then engine sounds quite loud as well...i mai go ask some motorcyclist to help me come a man with kind-hearted....helped me out and...finally..i found out that my scooter gone out of 'minyak hitam'...wat to say in english? i dunno

ya..this stupid thing that costs me RM14.80....!!

then i dunno where to to put...i mai ask the lady cashier to help me kind of her...go ask a gang of friend come goes a day...