Wednesday, July 30, 2008

King Scout ?

Dear Scouts,

Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell... have you ever heard the name? i belief so.. he's the founder of your so called Scout Movement that occurs all around the world....

10 Scout Law..
the Scout Promises...

the basic and necessity of a scouts.....

have you ever come across the badge above? and what does it means to you?

KING SCOUT.... the highest achievements of a scout....
journey starting when you join a scout...

In Malaysia,

you need to pass your tenderfoot, gone thru Usaha, Maju then Jaya, you need to get 8 lencana kepandaian, then waited for 3 months, only you will get Rambu Pengakap Muda.
further up... you need to continue 5 lencana tertinggi, then you will achieve Rambu Pengakap Remaja.
after that, you need to gone thru a Ujian Sikap, 5 main category and pass thru the Ujian Pengakap Raja.

ONLY THEN, ONLY thru all your hard work and all your work, and using all 5 years of your secondary life, only you will receive the above award. there will be a ceremony, badge will come along with a certificate that signed by all Sultans, and presented to you by Agong. it was a tremendous achievement in scout.

this is something that i wanted to achieve ... always.

2 days ago, i was been mentioned that i will be meeting a king scout. i was so anxious, so exciting.... in my imagination, he'll be a tough guy, smart looking, and of cos will not have any attitude problem.... i was so happy at that time...

it was a disasterous... he's a skinny guy, well not only a no-no in smart looking, but he looks like a drug addict?( or i should not say so)im sorry to criticize on the appearance. my apology.

it's ok... his attitude, all come out **toot toot toot** the language he used is really terrifically tragically terribly SHIT.. DAMN SHIT.! open mouth *toot* this, f this, d that, wat the hell man i wondering... i was so damn disappointed. is he a king scout...he qualiffied? i would say he's not a king scout..he's an asshole...or if he really is a king scout, i would so disappointed in our PPM, producing such an asshole in the scout....

i was not mentioning ALL, but i was targetting on him... just him.. or maybe others, that have the attitude of him, i would say sorry in advance.

im so sorry that i emotionally cant control my dissapointment towards him, thus using such bad words....

well... i just wanna express myself..

please dun sue me, i have no money - (quoted from Muar Guy? i think that's his phrase..^^)

have a nice day..

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Inter-Campus Debate

Date : 29 July 08
Time : 0226 hours
mood : well.. erm.. hard to say..

Inter-Campus Debate and a long long day.........................

today's been a good? bad? or just like my normal other days ?

i've helped out in the Inter-Campus Debate Competition Finals, held by EMSD to students, attended by all big bosses? principle bla bla... ok here goes the stories..

during the competition, suddenly "zhup!" gone all the light..sound... TARC again been attacked by the electricity cut... wel... like normal other days... we still continue with that, all still enthusiastic...all still doing well.....

i became the timekeeper for the day, and i make a mistake at ringing the bell at the reply speech. gosh! i felt terrible. miss vel say it's ok....miss jessica from penang's not a big deal... haha. and you will remember it hard then..

but then.... i felt that somehow it screwed up in the last mins....and now...i know how my friend felt that aching the heart is... how tension is he.... ( well that day i was also feeling the same, but not as hard as this) i said my apology to him here.

well... then... what next, today i first time becoming a driver of 7 ppl a comfortable way..i never had been driving when there is another 2 row behind me. always i was driving in my wira and myvi..and the feeling is not the same... well quite fun..... and this is gf's AVANZA

and again "quite FUN" end up i myself did a terrible manner..of course not about the car.. about the owner of the car... im sorry to you that neglected you and did not tell you in advance.... you must be feeling sux there... and i hurt you again. and again... and again... and again... im so terrible man! gosh.

alot of things i wanna say...but what and how i should say? damn tired.. guess next time? when i have the time waking up at this hour? hope it goes...

be happy always.

Friday, July 25, 2008

ok done..what next?

A sight of relief.. i passed my assignment... ok what next..

solo presentation
test for Meeting Law
test for... account
test for... more test...which means my final is coming soon

gosh.. that 1 is academic..

debate helper
debate time-keeper
scout meeting... oh gosh
scout 100 years.... omg omg.........
rovermoot....sigh i think i'll pass this
yah....the souvenir books... sigh..need to do

what else..

this is all for my next 2 months? sigh

i'll be damn happy jumping around after i finish all this.... and i know i'll be very satisfy with that... i choose to cause my heart feel to do it... yeah..goodluck

Monday, July 21, 2008

the bad side of me.

im starting to feel like im the worst in the world... i screw everything up... how could this happen to me? i never thought that it would be so... i have my dream..i have my aim.. hey oli, where the hell is your heart now? why all and everything you undecided? bullshit man.

oli..your study is like shit now c'mon..what the hell you doing? i tell you if you dun buckle up...your future will gone i tell you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! always play ... your ACCOUNT IS SO DAMN SHIT!!! go study la... your LAW there very good ah now? go study la...go memorize it..understand it... bladdy fool.. you are a FOOL NOW!!!!! FOOL!!!! you even screw up your Study then? how you going to study? you better go make it right... what else, camp coming go again... your diploma there you say you regret you go again.. what the F man.... scout is good...but then if you abandon your study, GONE LA YOU!!!!!!! then wat... what you going to be? a low level staff? cashier? bullshit.. is this your AIM? where is your head to think? everyone telling you the same thing and you still dont get it? STUDY .. study please..i beg you.. please focus more on your study..dun always sleep goddamn you. what you get from sleeping? in lecture , tutorial sleep, at house? computer facing this idiot stupid square and you are wasting time here typing all this!!!!!!!!! so damn wasting time. you think you are so good now? you can do all you wan t like how you did in diploma? c'mon.. it's just diploma.. it's not ADVANCE think with your annoying attitude now you can score good? look at others..look at everyone around you..they are trying hard ..trying so damn hard to achieve their things.... they are trying fucking hard..and you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who are you to say you can without trying? bullshint!~!!!!!!!! bullsihit man!!!!!

you will achieve nothing..

to be or not to be... THAT IS THE determine who and what you are to be YOU!! if you choose not to be this..then so be's your choice... you will suffer... like others give a goddamn care on who and what else you are. qustion yourself.. really is this what you want? is this you think you can be? is this you wan to be? that's the question..

how hard your parent provide you everything? and everything? and anything? feel thankful should. your mum ask's your study? ok la.. that's your answer.. how she felt? just merely an ok? you are so damn dissapointing man... can you be like your brother? always say bro is study nerd..i no need study 1..can score..YOU THINK YOU CAN? go to hell. study...please stufy....

bro ask you teach didi..yplease give him the wan to screw his future? no i beg ask him study... study together wit h him... less go out..less go watch movie.. less sleep...and you can make him better... dun always scout scout scout...please

set your goal, and make it happen. you set make it happen.. if's pointless.. damn pointless.. you are just a pathetic asshope crap.. and i tell dont wanna be that...

think if it yourself.......

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

ENd of Talentime Night 2008

it's ending. i cant believe it.... so hard we worked for it...3 months...and the event itself just lasted for a maximum of 5 hours.. but it's worth it.... we did a GREAT JOB!!!

"Fresh and Cool, Dreams and Show, TT Night, SAY FRESCO!!!!!"

but then it's time to focus back on goes on.. miss you guys. i learn alot from it..

Saturday, July 05, 2008


the surgery has been a success and my mum was discharged d^^ thanks for all your concern.

another day goes, here come another critical things. My Talentime Night is just around the corner... this coming Sunday ..OMG. this whole week i've been staying at college till late....yesterday i just reach home at 1...gosh. it's really tiring....

Critical...Critical...Danger ...Danger.. Danger..>!!!

Damn...on Monday i have Exam SUmmore....Financial Accounting...i know nothing about it..Gosh. need to work hard!!!!

oli study more hard..dun play play!!!

sign out!