Tuesday, December 12, 2006

birthday girl...

there's been a birthday celebration yesterday and our birthday girl(s) consists of Shing Yong and Nowa...both of this girls reached their 18 years...and congrats once again...

Monday, December 11, 2006

a lil bit about 1DBU (B) G10 in TARC

looking back to semester 1, guess the time is really flying in sem 2. in a blink of eyes, it's week 7 now? or 8? and it means our final is juz around the corner... probably we are too enjoying our 2nd sem. and it's getting more fun..

in semester 1, we are stranger to each another, noise is too extraordinary to hav in classroom... there's such a barrier between friends and we keep on thinking of our happy memories in secondary school, wondering y we dont hang in there for form 6...

but as time goes, it just let me realise that there's the better face in college life. we learn to make friends, learn to dress up, learn to communicate and all of it, we learn to be mature, be an adult...an independant adult...

so, guess i did make a good decision here..thanks god im a tarcian that let me feel all the things that's too unexpected from all my friends...especially wif the 'lollipop' that makes my whole face blushes like a red apple...btw, im group 10 and im proud to be in the family..

quotation of phrases famous in our class,

lilian aka da jie - Bu Hao Xiao lor, OK?(not funny lor, ok?)
Bu Yao Xue wo, OK?(dun copy me, ok?)
Oh Gui lo (Oh My God)

Li Ling aka Ben Wu Gui - Qi Guai (weird)

Bryan - Great la
Sorry no cure..
(being attacked by kean hoong by, 'call the police lor')

oli - im who? oli ma...
wat the P ( this is not rude ok? it's jus a subtitute for "wat you wan")

Yoong Xiang - Ni Hao Qi Guai eh.....( to t3as3 li ling)

Shing Yong + Jeannie + ?? - "Lori p0k p0k"(bad nam3)

nickname for classmate
Lilian - Da Jie
Sook Yee - Tai Ka Jie (Big sis)
Bryan - Nu ren (woman) aka Wu Gui Papa
Oli - Lori pok pok aka Uncle
Fui Mun - Free Market
Shing Yong - Vra aka Vera aka Stupid Da Ben Dan
Jeannie - Jeannie in the bottle aka Stupid Da Ben Dan
Kean Hoong - Ba Kean ( a type of food)
Li Ling - Ben Wu Gui
Vanessa ang woon hui - Van Der Sar ( by kean hoong and boon's gang)
Shene Ynn - she's clear from everythin..no nickname so good (for now only)

and sorry to say that all above is copyright© reserved® by group 10™...do not try to copy, duplicate or even quote for normal use...

part 1 ended. please wait for part 2 ( to be continued)