Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eco-Friendly Campaign

Event: Eco-Friendly Campaigh
Date: 12 April 09, Sunday
Venue: Planetarium Negara

Yeap... go becoming volunteer there... helping out with treasure hunt...

Rover H Titiwangsa

Ed, Nic, Me, Wai Ee and Pei Yee( Alicat)^^

NOthing much to do..just helping out becoming the marshall for ppl to come... and get clue, then go on.. haha

the floor is abit wet due to rain..but to potrait we are chinese we eat in this manner... "to eat, we must sit"? Chinese spirit,

one thing that i would like to comment in this event is the openness of the Organiser...
See on below picture..

Yes, you are thinking the right thing...we share's a public sharing toilet ... and it HAPPENS in Malaysia...since when our gov become so open?? haha

It was a hectic day, we suppose to be there till 1 smth, but end up we finish at 5... sigh

signing off


Arif Honey Bear said...

oOOOOoo X ajak.
sampai hati :(